PROJECT: BUILD Greenfield Louisiana


Port of South Louisiana (PSL) submitted an application to the U. S. Department of Transportation under the 2020 Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD) Transportation Discretionary Grants program. PSL seeks to secure BUILD funding for the proposed Greenfield Louisiana project, which involves the construction of a newbuild grain elevator and accompanying dock for the purposes of facilitating the movement of more agricultural goods from producers (U. S. farmers) within the rural local and regional areas to end users throughout the world. The proposed project is expected to significantly enhance export trade at the port, including to Asia, Central America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Located in a rural area, the project is on the west bank of the Mississippi River on an Opportunity Zone tract in St. John the Baptist Parish. The project will create 300+ jobs during peak construction and 70-100 full-time, well-paying jobs once operational.

The Greenfield Louisiana project will employ innovative financing through a public private partnership of the Board of Commissioners of the PSL and long-standing investment and development firms that have successfully participated in previous capital improvements at the port. BUILD grant funds will be leveraged with private investment to optimize project financing.

PSL is seeking a $25 million grant to help build a state-of-the-art dock costing a total of $58,755,400. The dock will solely service the Greenfield Louisiana grain export elevator located adjacent to the dock. The total project costs for the entire facility will be approximately $400,000,000.

The proposed project will consist of an efficient, environmentally friendly grain export elevator that will have the ability to receive barges, trains and trucks from U.S. farmers. The terminal will consist of 36 on-site storage bins connected to the dock by covered conveyer belts and multiple dust collection systems to help reduce any environmental impacts. The initial dock will be 820 feet in length with the ability to berth one Post-Panamax bulk carrier vessel with a loading capacity of up to 120,000 bushels per hour. A subsequent phase will expand the dock to 1,640 feet in length and 3,400 feet of river frontage with the ability to simultaneously berth two Post-Panamax bulk carriers, with a loading capacity of up to 240,000 bushels per hour. The project site is a greenfield development on a previously undeveloped land parcel within the PSL.

PSL and its private sector partners are excited to be partnering in this critical agriculture infrastructure development, which will serve to increase the efficiency and resiliency of the U.S. agriculture chain for decades to come.