Economic Impact

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  • Nearly $14.4 billion in sales at firms in the 3-parish Region can be traced back to the presence of the Port companies;
  • Over $1.8 billion in earnings of households in this Region represents a remarkable 41% of all personal income of residents in these three parishes.
  • The 30,180 jobs in the 3-parish Region supported by Port companies’ activities represent 63% of all the jobs in the Region.
  • By dividing the $1.8 billion earnings figure by the 30,180 jobs created we derive an average annual earnings figure of $60,033. By way of comparison, the average wage of all workers in Louisiana in 2013 was $43,992. Thus, wages created by Port companies are 36% higher than the average wage in the state.

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  • There were 50 parishes in Louisiana in 2013 where total personal income did not reach $4.4 billion. $4.4 billion is almost equal to the total incomes of all residents of Livingston Parish.
  • The 83,409 jobs created by Port companies’ activity in 2013 was larger than the combined employment of all the State’s banks, credit unions, security/commodities firms, insurance firms, real estate firms, and water transportation firms in that year.
  • The $310.5 million in taxes generated for the State treasury was about 4% of total taxes and fees collected in FY13, and it was greater than the sum of corporate franchise taxes, alcoholic beverage taxes, tobacco taxes, and New Orleans Exhibition Hall room taxes.
  • Nearly $20 billion in sales at firms in Louisiana can be traced back to Port companies’ activities.

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Rough Estimates of Potential Capital Expenditures

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The complete report is available upon request.