Emergency Contacts

You can never be too prepared.
Below some helpful links that may be useful during an emergency.
In the event of a major crisis and/or official Port of South Louisiana closure, important information will be posted on the PORT STATUS  page.

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Port of South Louisiana


Cyber Task Force

SA Deron Ogletree
Supervisory Special Agent
FBI New Orleans

SA Randy Jordon
Cyber Task Force Coordinator
FBI New Orleans

Lester Millet, III
Safety Risk Agency Manager
Port of South Louisiana
985-652-9278 X2112
985-210-7518 cell

When reporting either an incident or suspicious activity, please follow these procedures:

1. Please call 911 first before calling other contacts
2. After contacting 911, calls should also be made to:
– The National Response Center 800-424-8802
– United States Coast Guard 800-874-2153
3. Finally, contact either Captain Walsforf directly

Note to Facility Security Officers: Captain Walsdorf has the capability to reference a number of databases
in order to cross-check a questionable person’s identity or documentation