Globalplex Intermodal TerminalGlobalplex Intermodal Terminal is world-class, with storage and warehousing, space for light manufacturing and the most active Foreign Trade Zone…

In the heart of the Port of South Louisiana’s jurisdiction is a 335-acre (135-hectare) maritime industrial park. The Globalplex Intermodal Terminal is a public terminal -owned by the Port of South Louisiana and operated by Associated Terminals– for both vessels and barges that provides handling and storage for bulk, breakbulk, and containerized cargos. Globalplex is an excellent location for manufacturing, distribution, and logistics companies.

Formerly a sugar refining complex and an integral part of the economic and social history of the region, the Globalplex Intermodal Terminal is a one-of-a-kind public facility on the lower Mississippi River. Its redevelopment is guided by a master plan that focuses on the dynamic needs of today’s shippers and manufacturers. Flexibility, efficiency, and connectivity are the hallmarks of the redesign and new construction.