Guesthouse_01Within the grounds of Globalplex Intermodal Terminal general cargo facility lies a lovely home and grounds that once was associated for years with the Godchaux-Henderson sugar refinery that was the heart of Reserve, Louisiana.

Although it is ante-bellum in style, the house was built sometime around the 1911. This home was used by the Godchaux family and their guests at the time, so the name “Guesthouse” was attached to the home then and remains to this day. Between then and now, the house and its grounds have had various owners and have undergone several renovations.

Guesthouse_02In 1992, the Port of South Louisiana acquired the Godchaux-Henderson sugar refinery, now known as Globalplex Intermodal Terminal, which includes the Guesthouse grounds. Through the interest of the Board of Commissioners and its staff, substantial repairs were made to the house, which suffered a fire in the dining room/kitchen area. To bring back some of its original style and beauty, the Port of South Louisiana reworked its wooden floors, replaced curtains and rugs, and added period decor, where needed.

Today, the Port of South Louisiana uses the home for business meetings and special events. Above all, they choose to keep the name, which so fits the home that has been the place of hospitality to many through the years: The Guesthouse.

Note: Excerpts above of the history of the Guesthouse taken from a composition by Linda H. Dufresne, who was employed at the Godchaux-Henderson sugar refinery for some 23 years.